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Our residential property is committed to
giving you the wedding or event you have always
deserved.  Never compromising on quality we
offer the best organic catering with food grown
on the premises or sourced from local farmers’
markets.  Our beautiful garden is an ideal place
for up to 200 guests. 
We offer a wide range of packages and can
coordinate services to fit your budget.  We are a
family run business, and offer many services
which save our customers money for their future.
We encourage brides and grooms to take an
active role in the process of coordinating their
wedding.  We are more than willing to put forth
the effort to guide our clients through what should
be a stress-free experience.
Our three focuses are eventful, economical,
and environmental.  We have 30 years experience
in making events a breathtaking success.
We believe anyone can have a great wedding
within their budget.  Complete wedding packages,
including personal coordination, catering,
photography, food service, wedding cake,
and rentals are achievable within your
budget specification.
             Talk to our coordinator to set an
  appointment for a showing.
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